Attend Law School at Night

July 31, 2019

Attend Law School at Night

Empire College School of Law understands that your life is busy and that you cannot put your responsibilities on hold to pursue your career dreams. That’s why we offer a 4-year evening course of study. You can continue working at your current job while you prepare to pass the California Bar Examination and become a licensed attorney. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of attending law school at night.



Forgoing income in order to attend law school is not a possibility for everyone. If you need or want to continue working while in school, the flexibility of night classes is unbeatable. Maybe you have a family to support, you want to gain on-the-job experience before you begin your law career, or you just need to work part-time in order to pay your rent. Whatever your reasons, the concentrated schedule of evening courses helps you maintain control over your time.


Meet Experienced People

Because of the flexibility built into our night classes, Empire School of Law students have a variety of interesting backgrounds and experiences. You can meet students with families, first careers, hobbies and more. Learn from and network with people who have connections, jobs, and diverse interests. Not only is meeting these kinds of people interesting, it can also help widen your perspective and prepare you for your career in law.


On-the-job Training

There’s no substitute for real career experience. When you complete your legal education and enter the workforce, the training you received in your current job will look good to your future employer. Whether you’re a paralegal or working as a barista, the experience you are gaining within an organization and working with people is valuable. So, whatever job or career you have during law school, you can use the skills you gain there to help supplement your degree after graduation.


Challenge Yourself

Employers are often impressed by graduates who maintained a job while completing their degree. This ability to embrace a challenge demonstrates character, a strong work ethic, and diligence. Evening classes offer the same quality education that day courses do—taught by expert instructors and professors—so you develop the same knowledge as students in traditional day programs.


Chart a New Path by Enrolling in Law School at Night

If you’re ready to launch your law career but want or need to continue your day job, Empire College School of Law has the solution. Our evening Juris Doctor program helps prepare you for the career you’ve been wanting. Take the first step, and call (877) 395-8535 to contact us today.

Diane Aqui, Esq.

(Class of 2001)
Empire College gave me the opportunity to earn a Juris Doctorate while still working full time in my “first” career as an engineer. The professors are all practicing attorneys and judges and it is clear that they love what they do---guiding, teaching and mentoring a new group of potential lawyers, who one day will be their peers and practice alongside them in the legal community. I think one of my favorite cases since I graduated in 2001 was against a former Empire professor and I walked away with a win!

Andrew Conway, Esq.

(Class of 2014)
I decided to go to law school after interning for the Diversion program for the Sonoma County District Attorney's Office while I was in college. Empire provided me with friends who became colleagues, and Professors who became the Judges I appear in front of today. I have always wanted to work with the law and youth and I now manage a Dependency contract for Mendocino County, which has become my dream career as I get to do the exact job I wanted when I decided to go to law school. I definitely have my dream job thanks to Empire and their exceptional professors.

James V. Sansone, Esq.

(Class of 2006)
I picked Empire College because I had to juggle between family obligations and a fulltime job. Empire was the only option that allowed me to effectively manage my work and family obligations and still pursue a law degree. Thanks to Empire, I was able to pass the bar exam on my first try and begin a new, exciting, and lucrative legal career that I love.