Why Complete Your JD Program at Empire College School of Law?

August 8, 2019

Why Complete Your JD Program at Empire College School of Law?

At Empire College School of Law, we believe in offering an excellent academic experience for busy students who dream of earning their Juris Doctor degree. You should not be expected to put the rest of your life on hold to pursue your law career ambitions, and Empire makes it possible for you to balance your responsibilities with your education. That’s just one of the many benefits of our JD program. Read on to learn what other advantages our students can enjoy.


Expert Faculty
We believe students learn best from successful and experienced professionals. Our professors are a talented team of judges and attorneys from the North Bay area, and they have years of real-world knowledge to bring to the classroom. Teaching within their areas of practice, our instructors demonstrate how the theory you learn in class applies to everyday life. They are professionals who create a personalized classroom environment.


Practical Coursework
Our classes are designed to give students the confidence to handle the demands and responsibilities of a legal career. In the first year, students take introductory courses such as Legal Research and Writing and Criminal Law. As they progress, JD students explore topics such as criminal law, wills and trusts, and business organizations in more depth. With a wide array of electives available, students can supplement the required curriculum with their own areas of interest. Disability law, environmental law, and intellectual property law are just a few of the areas in which students can specialize.


Real-world Experience
Most law schools prepare their students with the theoretical knowledge they’ll need to practice law. While we certainly strive to prepare our students with the information they need to be successful or pass the Bar exam, we also believe in hands-on practice. With our law clinics, students gain practical experience under the supervision of practicing lawyers. From Elder Law to Family Law to Immigration and Disability, our clinics provide the community with an important resource while giving our students necessary experience. Clinical education in public or private law offices and other service-learning opportunities are also available to help students learn by doing.


Convenient Scheduling
We know not everyone can ignore their real-life responsibilities to earn their Juris Doctor degree. That’s why Empire College School of Law is an evening program. With 4 years of evening courses, students can graduate with their JD degree and prepare to practice law. This curriculum allows you to maintain a current job or care for your family while you go to law school.

Learn More about Empire’s JD Program

With all of the advantages of an Empire College School of Law education, why wait? Read about how our Juris Doctor Law Program is dedicated to academic excellence and a high standard of professional, ethical, and moral responsibility, or call 1-877-395-8535 to learn more about Empire’s JD program today!

Alicia Cronbach, Esq.

(Class of 2006)
One of the advantages of Empire as a night vs. traditional law school is the real-life experience that most students have between college and law school. Being a second-career lawyer, you bring a lot more value to the table and to a prospective employer than you may appreciate.

Jacqueline Rosario, Esq

(Class of 2014)
I wanted to be an attorney because I wanted to make a difference in this world, and I feel that I am doing that. It is very rewarding, and I am blessed to be living my dream. I recommend to everybody considering law school that if you want to do this and have the will to do it, do it.

Chris Van Nuys

Operations Manager, LEMO USA, Inc. (Class of 2019)
Empire Law School provided the instruction, guidance, and motivation that I needed to pass the California State Bar Examination on the first try, despite the rigors of managing a full-time career and family commitments in parallel. I would absolutely recommend Empire Law School to anyone looking for relevant and masterful instruction in the subjects of law.