How to Become a Lawyer in Santa Rosa

August 5, 2019

How to Become a Lawyer in Santa Rosa

Want to become a lawyer in Santa Rosa, California? At Empire College School of Law, we know what a big dream that can be, and we have some advice. Here’s what you need to do next.

Complete Your Undergrad Degree
In the state of California, if you want to apply for the Bar, you must have an Associate Degree, earn at least two years of undergraduate credits, or pass specific exams within the College Level Exam Program (CLEP). You can major in any degree program you’d like, although popular ones include History, English, and Pre-Law.


Gain Experience
While it’s certainly not necessary to have legal experience before applying to law school, it can help you determine why you really want to pursue a legal career, which will only strengthen your applications materials and your ability to focus and work hard in school. With some education, you could work as a paralegal or legal assistant. Find an internship with a local office, or get involved with an issue you care about to help you decide what field of law you might like to enter. Volunteering for an environmental organization, for example, might show you whether an environmental law career is actually what you want.


Take the LSAT
The Law School Admission Test, administered by the Law School Admission Council, is offered several times a year. There’s even a separate date for the Spanish LSAT. The test is meant to predict a student’s law school success, and it covers logical reasoning, reading comprehension, logic games, and a writing sample. You can find practice tests, called PrepTests, to help you prepare.

Depending on the law school and your background, the LSAT must be taken prior to, or within four months of, your first day of classes. In addition to the applicant’s LSAT score, consideration is given to life experience, educational background, career history, and other accomplishments.


Go to a Santa Rosa Law School
It’s time to apply for law school! Narrow down your choices, gather your application materials, and carefully fill out all your forms. Once you’ve been accepted, celebrate, and then get ready for the hard work. Law school is a considerable time commitment, and you’ll spend the next years studying diligently, learning everything you can, and determining which field of law you want to enter.


Take the Bar Exam
To become a lawyer in Santa Rosa, your last step is to take the bar exam. The California bar exam is offered in February and July each year. It takes two days, and requires a dedicated amount of preparation. The State Bar of California offers free and low-cost study aids, and your law school might offer study courses as well. Review courses are also available, so look for one in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County.


Become a Lawyer in Santa Rosa with Empire School of Law

Empire College School of Law in Santa Rosa is a CBE-accredited law school with a top-ranked performance on the California Bar Exam, so it would make a great choice as you pursue your dream of becoming a lawyer in Santa Rosa. Learn more today!

Alicia Cronbach, Esq.

(Class of 2006)
One of the advantages of Empire as a night vs. traditional law school is the real-life experience that most students have between college and law school. Being a second-career lawyer, you bring a lot more value to the table and to a prospective employer than you may appreciate.

Jacqueline Rosario, Esq

(Class of 2014)
I wanted to be an attorney because I wanted to make a difference in this world, and I feel that I am doing that. It is very rewarding, and I am blessed to be living my dream. I recommend to everybody considering law school that if you want to do this and have the will to do it, do it.

Chris Van Nuys

Operations Manager, LEMO USA, Inc. (Class of 2019)
Empire Law School provided the instruction, guidance, and motivation that I needed to pass the California State Bar Examination on the first try, despite the rigors of managing a full-time career and family commitments in parallel. I would absolutely recommend Empire Law School to anyone looking for relevant and masterful instruction in the subjects of law.