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Law Scholarships

The following Northern California law school scholarships are available for Empire College School of Law students to apply for. Empire law students are notified during the Spring Semester about approaching scholarship application deadlines and processes.


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The Dean’s Scholarship was established by Dean Broderick in 2001. The scholarship is funded by late registration fees and fees that are collected for late examinations.

The purpose of the fund is to award law school scholarships in California annually to one or more law students enrolled at Empire College School of Law to assist them in the completion of their legal education. The amount awarded to each scholarship recipient will be within the discretion of the Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee is comprised of three faculty members.

The Scholarship Committee will consider the following attributes when selecting recipients for scholarships for law students in California:

  • Financial need;
  • Community involvement;
  • School leadership; and
  • Academic promise.

Applicants wishing to be considered for this scholarship should complete and submit the Application for Dean’s Scholarship form, available in the Law School office.


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Katherine Thornhill is a graduate of Empire College School of Law, Class of 1991. The Katherine Thornhill scholarship was established to provide scholarships for students attending Empire College School of Law. The awards are based on financial need. The amount of the scholarship varies from year-to-year.


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The Olga Gracey Scholarship was established by the Student Bar Association of Empire College School of Law in March 1981 in memory of Olga Gracey, a first-year law student who died tragically in a fire in February of the same year. Students, friends, and family members contributed to the original trust fund. During the academic year of 1993-1994, Professor Nancy Ryan donated a percentage of the proceeds from her seminars to this scholarship fund.

The purpose of the trust is to award a scholarship annually to qualified first-year law students enrolled at Empire College School of Law. The amount awarded to each scholarship recipient is to equal the cost of all textbooks required for the first-year course of study for the academic year in which the scholarship is awarded.

The Scholarship Committee is comprised of three faculty members. The criteria for the selection of each scholarship applicant is as follows:

  1. Each recipient must be a woman;
  2. She must be self-supporting; and
  3. She must be enrolled in her first year of study at Empire College School of Law.

In addition, the Scholarship Committee will consider the following attributes when selecting a scholarship recipient:

  • Financial need;
  • Apparent social commitment; and
  • Academic promise.


The following law scholarships in California have been received by Empire College School of Law alumni and may benefit Law School students.

Diane Aqui, Esq.

(Class of 2001)
Empire College gave me the opportunity to earn a Juris Doctorate while still working full time in my “first” career as an engineer. The professors are all practicing attorneys and judges and it is clear that they love what they do---guiding, teaching and mentoring a new group of potential lawyers, who one day will be their peers and practice alongside them in the legal community. I think one of my favorite cases since I graduated in 2001 was against a former Empire professor and I walked away with a win!

Andrew Conway, Esq.

(Class of 2014)
I decided to go to law school after interning for the Diversion program for the Sonoma County District Attorney's Office while I was in college. Empire provided me with friends who became colleagues, and Professors who became the Judges I appear in front of today. I have always wanted to work with the law and youth and I now manage a Dependency contract for Mendocino County, which has become my dream career as I get to do the exact job I wanted when I decided to go to law school. I definitely have my dream job thanks to Empire and their exceptional professors.

James V. Sansone, Esq.

(Class of 2006)
I picked Empire College because I had to juggle between family obligations and a fulltime job. Empire was the only option that allowed me to effectively manage my work and family obligations and still pursue a law degree. Thanks to Empire, I was able to pass the bar exam on my first try and begin a new, exciting, and lucrative legal career that I love.